About Us

Mission Statement

aboutus-1The mission of the Delaware Valley Science Council is to discover, encourage, and recognize talented youth in the Delaware Valley who have outstanding capabilities in the areas of science, mathematics and engineering, and to be a resource agency available to science teachers, technology organizations, and science students.

Clearly, schools and colleges are not graduating enough math and science majors, resulting in a mismatch between the skills of area graduates and what is needed in key industries.

Vacancies for STEM jobs are going unfilled in large numbers. Currently, there are some 40,000 computer science bachelor’s degree earners each year, but roughly 4 million job vacancies for computer workers. In all, the median duration of advertising for STEM vacancies is more than twice that of those in other fields.

These include several sectors such as higher education, banking, financial services, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and engineering. In order to be able to supply qualified employment candidates to employers in the region, we need to encourage more students to study math and science in college, and, upon graduation, remain in or return to the Delaware Valley region.

Source: US News & World Report, 2014