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The mission of the Delaware Valley Science Council (DVSC) is to discover, encourage, help develop, and recognize Delaware Valley youth who have outstanding, although sometimes hidden, capabilities in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

The DVSC strives to be an agency that provides programing aimed at helping STEM teachers and students recognize how STEM principles can be used to address real world problems and to develop needed skills such as researching current knowledge, working together in teams, and generating clear reports of findings – skills of immense value to technology as well as most other organizations.

Currently, millions of STEM jobs are projected to go unfilled in the near future. In fact, it’s estimated that 3.5 million jobs will need to be filled by 2025. But demand is lacking not because the importance of STEM is not stressed, but because it is not being presented as important to enough students, especially at younger ages, and  STEM education isn’t readily available for many. It’s an issue that affects all far and wide, but the problems in STEM education are especially profound for women and people of color.

Clearly, schools and colleges are not graduating enough STEM majors, resulting in a mismatch between the skills of area graduates and what is needed in key industries; those currently suffering from too many STEM openings include sectors such as higher education, banking, financial services, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and engineering. In order to be able to supply qualified employment candidates to employers in the region, we need to encourage more students to emphasize elective study of STEM disciplines in high school and then college, and, upon graduation, remain in or return to the Delaware Valley region.

For more on this topic, see: The State of STEM Education Told Through 12 Stats

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