DVSC just completed its 71st program year. Our program has seen many challenges and with a renewed emphasis on STEM in schools we have revised our program to respond to current issues and future trends. The Board of Directors of DVSC continues to have passion around our mission, which is to identify, encourage, and recognize talented youth in the Delaware Valley with outstanding capabilities in science and math, helping to ensure a scientifically literate and talented workforce for tomorrow’s needs in Delaware Valley business, education and government. We also have a long-term, sustained relationship with area professional scientists, schools and science programs.

We can’t say if the program will get better if we change it, only that we must change it to get better. As Benjamin Franklin said, “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

Over the past year, Council has discussed, studied, brainstormed, and finally settled on fundamental changes to our program that we hope will encourage greater participation by area schools and students, and work hard with area scientific organizations and foundations to improve our available funds for awards.

Among the significant decisions made is an elimination of the DVSC Exams, which many students had problems with attending, due to lacking transportation or availability given their busy schedules.


  1. Call for Participation in the 72nd Annual DVSC Awards Program will go out in February to High School Science Coordinators and Teachers.
  2. School Science Coordinators and Teachers from participating schools will nominate up to three outstanding STEM students to participate.
  3. Students selected will complete a comprehensive program questionnaire application form covering topics related to their experiences, recognition, future desires and expectations, and early college and career thinking. All students nominated will have three weeks to complete and submit their application.
  4. Applications will be reviewed by multiple teams of scientists and rated following a comprehensive rubric that balances opportunity, initiative, achievement, breadth (and depth) of participation in science endeavors, quality of submission, passion and intangibles to identify competition finalists.
  5. Finalists will be notified and required (as in the current program) to participate in an interview process in May with two teams of area scientists to identify and rank awards winners for cash awards.
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